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High-Performance Pumps and Accesories

High-Performance SumpTek Pumps and Accessories in Denver, CO


Infinity Pump


SumpTek Infinity Pumps are designed to last longer. These high-powered pumps can produce dynamic energy yet consume less fuel than the other top brands while pumping more water. The Infinity Pump switch is fully dedicated and rated for over 4 million cycles. All pumps undergo accurate testing before leaving the factory. Each of the SumpTek pumps is designed, tested, and assembled in the USA.

Our Infinity Sump Pumps

Infinity 1/3HP Sump Pump

Infinity 1/3HP Sump Pump

  • Built with a powerful motor​
  • Designed with an Infinity Switch
  • Energy efficient (Need 3.5 Am per second)
  • Designed to eliminate Air-Locking
  • A total pumping capacity of 2580 GPH at 10 Ft​
  • Total Warranty of 5-Years 
Infinity 1/2HP Sump Pump

Infinity 1/2HP Sump Pump

  • Built with a powerful motor​
  • Designed with an Infinity Switch and Dual Shaft Seals​
  • A cast iron and stainless steel structure
  • Energy-efficient technology​
  • A capacity of 4600 GPH at 10 Ft pumping 
  • Total Warranty of 5-Years
Infinity 1/2HP Sewage Ejector Pump

Infinity 1/2HP Sewage Ejector Pump

  • Comes with a powerful motor​
  • Built with cast iron and stainless steel
  • Designed with an Infinity Switch and Dual Shaft Seals​
  • Energy-efficient technology​
  • Pumping Capacity of 4600 GPH at 10 Ft
  • Complete five-years warranty
Battery Backup Pump Systems

Battery Backup Pump Systems

A battery backup sump pump can ensure that the pump keeps running even during power outages or other problems. That’s why we recommend a battery backup sump pump.

Our Battery Backup Pump Systems

Pumps 2700 GPH at 10'Ft

Pumps 2700 GPH at 10 Ft

For the most advanced defense against sump pump failure and power interruptions, we choose the Alpha Battery Backup Sump Pump system. Compared to other systems, the Alpha has higher running duration, pumping power, and features. 

Pumps 5400 GPH at 10'Ft

Pumps 5400 GPH at 10 Ft

A large system is necessary for basements with major water problems. The Omega is a two-pump battery-powered sump pump system that provides exceptional pumping power and redundancy for ultimate protection.

Pre-Assembled Pump Kits

Pre-Assembled Pump Kits

The battery backup sump pump system and the sump pump are both pre-piped in the Sumptek PumpPak systems. This comprehensive approach ensures a consistent, accurate installation while saving time and materials.

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