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Water Well

Water Well Products and Water Well Replacement in Denver, Salt Lake City & Kansas City

Knowing the basics of how your well water system functions is important when selecting a water treatment system because if the wrong type of treatment system is used, it can adversely affect the water pressure and flow rate inside the home.

For example, if the well uses a pressure tank, a water treatment system must be installed after the pressure tank, to avoid causing damage to the well pump.

Most well water is pumped out of the ground automatically using a submersible pump, or a jet pump that sits on top of the ground and draws water out of the ground to create water pressure for the home.

Some well water systems use a large storage tank to store the water before it is pumped again to the house.  Other well water systems are gravity fed, and use gravity to provide water pressure to the house.

Well Pumps

There are many types and sizes of pumps for water systems. Some are only designed to remove water from a source. Others not only remove the water but also force it through the rest of the water system.

Some pumps are for special jobs such as boosting pressure or supplying a special outlet. Booster pumps are to be installed after a storage tank, if your pumping installation is not properly planned, you will not receive satisfactory water service.

Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks provide storage for your water system. There are three general types of water storage tanks:

  • Diaphragm bladder tanks with permanent separation between the air and water;
  • Tanks with a float or water separating the air from the water (not used in recent years)
  • Plain steel tanks – each kind of tank serves a specific purpose.


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