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NaturalSof Pro

NaturalSof Pro

NaturalSof Pro is an industry proven catalytic solution to hard water limescale build-up as an alternative to conventional ion exchange units or in applications where ion exchange is not possible. NaturalSof Pro does not soften water in the traditional sense of removing calcium and replacing it with sodium. Instead, NaturalSof Pro uses the properties of calcium carbonate (limescale) to our advantage by creating a soft non-bonding limescale crystal.

The crystals are less than 1 micron. They flow to a drain in single pass applications and are removed through blow down in recirculating applications. NaturalSof Pro does not add anything to your water and does not remove anything either.

NaturalSof Pro consists of a non-sacrificial, lead-free catalytic core made from a special alloy housed within a non-reactive stainless steel (304) tube. The use of dielectric fittings are not necessary when specifying NaturalSof Pro. Always install a NaturalSof (NS05) on any hot water recirculating pumps located in the house or business.

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