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Easycam’s New Lineup is Here

  • Owner Repairable, Easy Modular Plug & Play Design
  • Eliminates Downtime & Expensive Repairs
  • It Just Makes Sense!
EasyCam SL200

EasyCam SL200

Model Sewer Camera

EasyCam SL150

EasyCam SL150

Model Sewer Camera

EasyCam SL125

EasyCam SL125

Model Sewer Camera

EasyCam E75

EasyCam E75

Model Sewer Camera

EasyCam E45

EasyCam E45

Model Sewer Camera

EasyCAM Sewer Inspection Cameras Features & Benefits

Below is a list of sewer camera features & benefits offered by EasyCAM and reasons why we should be your sewer camera of choice.

  • Color Camera Head with Sapphire Lens (Self Leveling Optional)

    Clear picture, durability, extended camera life, scratch-resistant lens

  • 512-Hz Transmitter

    Industry standard signal for locating trouble spot

  • 7″ Quality LED Monitor

    Easy viewing with large, crisp picture

  • Video Recording

    Push button, removable SD media video recording

  • WIFI

    Upload videos or snapshots directly to YouTube or Dropbox, making it easy to forward a link to your customer or inspector.

  • Cordless, Safe 12 Volt Operation

    10-12 hours Cordless

  • RCA-Type Video Jack

    Additional picture access for external display units

  • Heavy-duty Wheels & Powder-Coated Aluminum Frame

    Easy transport and smooth push rod play out and recovery

  • Non-Crimp Heavy-Duty Push Rod

    Non-crimping, low-friction, smooth navigation

  • Centering Skid

    Improves camera centering in pipes

  • Modular Components – SAVE TIME – SAVE MONEY

    Camera stays at owner’s location! Each separate component simply and securely plugs into the adjoining component.

  • Two-Year Warranty

    Owner’s confidence on quality of EasyCAM’s product

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